Anti-Racism and Human Rights

We are challenged to dismantle premises based on prejudging.

Racism, once thought to be an historical embarrassment that was addressed aggressively, continues to be a living reality which must be understood and overcome.

These presumptions and false narratives often control how we live together within the diversity of the United States and the Globe. 

Click here to learn the bare-bones of our history of racism in the United States and its ongoing influence. This information empowers us to take personal and public actions to resolve this soul depleting reality.

The global Human Rights Movement which is based on mutual respect and full equality is a vital aspect of reversing racism. Click here to learn about this movement and here for the United Nation’s Sustainability Goals, an important set of 17 areas that related to Universal Human Rights.

Teaching Tolerance is a collection of information and resources, videos and study guides, that deal with the many elements of our racial history and current challenges. These are available on line for free and geared to adolescents but are also very helpful to adults as well. The 30 minute video entitled Outrage presents the historical phenomena of lynching in the context of our complex history. Take the time to view it.

It is important that the contribution of African Americans be known by all of us. This is not the case in many situations. This lack of knowledge askews our assumptions and forms our prejudices.

And easily accessible resource is: Black History.

Here is a brief review of the life of Benjamin Banneker, finishing with his key role in executing the architectural layout for Washington D.C. View the video below or read the transcript.  Banneker is an example of a personality in history that all of us need to know about and appreciate.


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