Dark Watchers

“And if for a brief moment they entertain the least suspicion…the Dark Watchers will literally evaporate in front of your eyes like the fog.”

Who are Dark Watchers?

From Thomas Steinbeck (son of John Steinbeck) in Past is Prologue intro to his book:

Note: There are 2 smaller files that should be transcribed and inserted here.

See the book for more descriptions of these beings.

Editorial Review from Amazon.com

“In Search Of The Dark Watchers” by Thomas Steinbeck

Also see essay “Dark Watchers” by Thomas Steinbeck, son of John Steinbeck, in his debut collection of short stories, Down to the Soundless Sea, as haunting and rugged as the Monterey Peninsula landscape that has inspired them (c) 2002. It is the story of an anthropologist and his encounters looking for the Dark Watchers. Some want to be more like those they study, other flee the prospect. This story explores both alternatives.

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