Lynching, Slavery, Abolition, Civil War, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, Civil Rights Movement

Bryan Stevenson is an Attorney practicing in Alabama who has committed himself to publishing what Racism means in the United States by studying its history which still affects societies today.
He is also a social justice activist, founder/executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, and a clinical professor at New York University School of Law.  challenging bias against the poor and minorities in the criminal justice system

Lynching in America – Equal Justice Initiative

Watch Bryan Stevenson’s one-minute video. The Equal Justice Initiative believes that in order to heal the wounds from our present, we must face our past. Learn about America’s history of racial terror lynchings, and how the effects are still felt today, at Confronting the Legacy of Racial Terror.


Abolition — Key Historical Movement in U.S.


Jim Crow — The extension of Persecution of African Americans following Abolition for generations


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