Lily Greenwood, Psychic Detective

I am the interior voice of Kat Dunbar. I comment to her often about the social and individual transitions that faced American women over the last 175 years. I do not hesitate to link the obvious and speculate about the obscure. I offer quick insights that lead to discoveries which open up spiritual dimensions that are inspiring and entertaining.

My name honors my guardian the First Partner of Adam known as Lilith. (More about her later.) My surname harkens to my connections with all life and specifically plants and animals of the forest.

Throughout my life, I have gone through multiple changes of perspective and drawn on strands of information and belief which cover a wide span. What is called by some the “occult” I know as truth. The tools of these belief systems are sharp and artistically elegant. They have provided me with a flexibility and viewpoints that create an holistic montage.

The influences I rely on are:


Psychology — several schools (Freudian, Jungian, Rollo May etc.)

Myers-Briggs personality types





Actors and Playwrights

Novelists and Poets

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