Jasper Red Rock, History Enthusiast

I am the interior voice of Dale Sheridan. I believe we all have an inner dialogue. Some call it intuition. I find that my observations are more “educated” than the word “intuition” implies. Yet I also, for Dale, have a quality of “telling the truth” which transcends anything I have been taught.  Dale’s more analytical mind dialogues with me as if I were a separate entity. Hence my surname which originates in the unique and beautiful landscape of the Southwest.

I have often wondered about past lives and the stages of my current life. Over the last 70 plus years my life has indeed been a “strange trip.” The Pathos and the Joy of epic tales has driven my view of the world and my corner of it.

Major influences on my spirit, thinking, soul:


Thealogy (Female Divine)

Social Justice — what it is and how to bring it about

Nature of Love

Hope over Despair

Intelligence-  of mind and emotions

The Green Man

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