Contributing Way Showers

The creations of those who have crossed the path of this Rainbow journey can be explored further in the links below. They have made contributions to many lives with their wisdom. Visit a bit with them to see if these unique and accomplished folk resonate with your explorations.

Betty Reid Soskin, Activist, Educator, Community Organizer
Linda Tillery, Musician, Vocalist, Historian
Michael Rossman, Free Speech Activist, Writer
Bob Fitch, Photographer
Tom Hayden, Activist, Writer and Elected Representative
Gage Foundation, Sally Roesch Wagner, Herstorian
Riane Eisler, Writer, Attorney, Social Scientist
Lucia Birnbaum, Historian, Writer and Activist
Theodore Roszak, Writer, Educator, Social Theorist
Mario Savio, Activist, Educator
Judy Chicago, artist feminist, herstorian
Judith Shaw, Artist and Hertorian
Marlene Saliba, Cultural Anthropologist
Joan Marler, Archeomytholgist
Lisa Sarashon (check her website and her book)
Marianne Robinson, Photographer, Musician, lActivist Poet
Ram Dass, Spiritual Leader



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